About Us

SAMI-Aid takes a novel approach to healthcare. We aim to be the "one stop shop" for all the healthcare needs of everyday Americans.
Our core values are transparency, affordability, accountability, and advocacy.

About SAMI-Aid

SAMI-Aid's mission is to provide a low-cost, innovative, non-insurance-based referral and resource network that benefits healthcare providers and consumers while minimizing middlemen roles and high costs of managed care.

The SAMI-Aid platform capitalizes on the pricing-based shopping trend in healthcare and takes it to the next level. SAMI-Aid's online and mobile platforms offer a global provider network and a searchable medical procedure pricing database. SAMI-Aid also provides customers 24/7 access to medical professionals (MDs & RNs) for a fraction of the price of an urgent care or hospital visit..

SAMI-Aid helps consumers by providing a clear and organized pathway to elect high-quality health services. Consumers are expected to save money, while providers enjoy improved compensation, less paperwork, and better patient contact for optimal quality care.

Management Team

About Us | SAMI-Aid Healthcare Providers & Consumers

Bijan Farhangui

Founder, CEO

Work Experience

  • 20+ years in the healthcare service, research & development, and entrepreneurship space
  • Founder of 5+ successful startups
  • Senior Sales & Marketing executive for large cap pharma and healthcare insurance companies
  • Experienced management consultant focusing on healthcare industry


  • MBA, Northwestern Kellogg
  • BS Florida State University

About Us | SAMI-Aid Healthcare Providers & Consumers

Michael Smith

President, Project Manager

Work Experience

  • 10+ years in highly regulated scaled financial services and tech companies, including, American Express, Samsung, & PWC
  • 7+ years of budget and forecast level FP&A analysis
  • Experience in multi-workstream project management
  • Cofounder of 2 startups


  • MBA, NYU Stern
  • BA, Yale University