Behavioral & Mental Health Telemedicine

Get access to an online mental health doctor through the behavioral and mental health services at SAMI-Aid. Learn more about our Behavioral & Mental Health Telemedicine services.


Benefits of SAMI-Aid’s Behavioral & Mental Health Telemedicine:

Mental Health Triage | Behavioral Health

High-Quality Therapy

Our health-related programs and materials are designed to help our members maximize their overall health and quality of life. While psychiatrists can write prescriptions for mental health issues, therapists are the best suited to provide motivation, support, and a listening ear. High-quality therapy can address root problems rather than merely treating symptoms. Live your best life!

Mental Health Triage | Behavioral Health

Range of Specialities

Our therapists are licensed and trained in a wide array of specialties including social work, and marriage and family therapy. Our therapists can afford to spend more time with you per session than psychiatrists can. Whether you need help managing stress, resolving family conflicts, quitting smoking, healing emotional trauma, or just achieving personal goals, we’re always here for you!

Mental Health Triage | Behavioral Health

Get An Action Plan

If desired, you can schedule follow-up consultations with the same counselor or therapist you have seen for the first session. As you build a relationship with this counselor, he or she may help you create an action plan which may be reviewed during each future session. If you would like to schedule therapy sessions on a regular basis, you might benefit from our Premium membership which offers a substantial discount.

Easy access to therapy for anxiety

While Peter is generally a cheerful person, he is living through a stressful stage of life, in which career and personal issues often leave him feeling anxious. He appreciates the easy access SAMI-Aid provides to therapists and behavioral health services.

Privacy and economy

With SAMI-Aid, Peter can see a therapist through video chat from his bedroom without anyone else having to know. He also saves time and gas money this way.

SAMI-Aid connects Peter with therapists who help him manage his stress, and the convenient online platform eliminates the stress of scheduling visits in a therapist’s office.

Mental Health Triage | Behavioral Health

Choose SAMI-Aid for Telehealth Services for Mental Health

Dealing with mental health issues can be a very private struggle. There often is an unfair stigma attached to seeking treatment, which can force many people who need help to suffer without it. However, our behavioral health providers offer help and hope. Through our service, you can receive an online mental health consultation in the privacy of your own home. Simply by selecting a provider, scheduling an appointment, then signing in to your portal at the time of the appointment, you can visit with a therapist through video conferencing or a phone call.

If you’re ready to learn first-hand how telehealth can help with your mental health, register an account with us today.

Behavioral Health Telemedicine

People’s experiences can shape them both mentally and physically. Whether you are facing relational stress, work issues, trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, or another concern, SAMI-Aid can provide telehealth services for behavioral health catered to your needs.Usually, treatment involves simple coaching from a trained professional who can help you change habits, routines, and choices. Behavioral health can address certain mental conditions and/or help you overcome a physical dependence, such as smoking. Our expert care providers also take into account your physical health, so sessions may include recommendations on diet or exercise.

Our diverse selection includes providers of various backgrounds, languages, and specialties.

Common Conditions That Benefit from an Online Mental Health Consultation

Many people struggle with various mental health issues, which is why access to an online mental health doctor is important. Some of the most common conditions which benefit from online therapy include depression, stress, anxiety, relational issues, PTSD, and personality disorders.

If you want to get compassionate care from an expert therapist online, schedule an appointment with SAMI-Aid today. If you believe you may need psychiatric treatment or medication for a mental health issue, consider seeing a psychiatrist through SAMI-Aid instead of a therapist. Through our telehealth for mental health, all of our appointments are discreet, convenient, secure, and affordable. If you see a therapist or psychiatrist regularly, SAMI-Aid may save you hundreds to thousands of dollars per year.


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