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Benefits of SAMI-Aid’s Disease Management Services:

Disease Management Services | Connect Your Care | Concierge Doctor

Why It’s Important

When you’ve just gotten out of the hospital, we want you to be able to stay out and recover optimally from the comfort of your home. For patients with acute or chronic illnesses, insufficient follow-up care is a leading cause of hampered recovery and hospital readmission. SAMI-Aid’s Disease Management program is designed to help smoothly transition and coordinate your care between inpatient hospital care and outpatient follow-up care. We provide clinical support to patients recently discharged from the hospital and reduces the risk of readmission and overall healthcare costs.

Disease Management Services | Connect Your Care | Concierge Doctor

What We Can Do for You

SAMI-Aid's Disease Management program is available as a stand-alone solution or as an extension of a provider’s care. This daily remote interaction with patients costs less than a single home visit by a nurse. Our service includes outbound live contact with SAMI-Aid staff, a 24/7 in-bound nurse, consultations, electronic messaging, and live responses to alerts generated from remote biometric monitoring equipment and integration of patient data. This program has consistently shown a reduction of readmission rates for congestive heart failure, pneumonia, and heart attacks.

Disease Management Services | Connect Your Care | Concierge Doctor


Scheduled follow-up calls and clinical assessments ensure compliance with care plans and engage patients to become actively involved in their personal healthcare decisions. Key program features include ensuring patient understanding of their disease process and expected recovery, medication reconciliation, scheduling physician follow-up appointments and educating patients on symptoms of concern. We also enable you to keep and share medical files with your providers as you choose, to facilitate more convenient and accurate follow-up care.

Easily navigate health care transitions

When Peter gets out of the hospital, he’s confused on what to do next for his recovery, until SAMI-Aid helps him sort it out and find cost-effective follow-up care.

Reduce chances of readmission

SAMI-Aid’s Disease Management program reduces Peter’s chances of injuring himself or requiring hospitalization again during the recovery process.

SAMI-Aid’s care transition programs help Peter easily find follow-up care with a general practitioner after he gets surgery to repair a broken bone.

Disease Management Services | Connect Your Care | Concierge Doctor

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