EMR Cloud Storage


Benefits of SAMI-Aid’s EMR Cloud Storage:

EMR Cloud Storage | Medical Records Storage

Why It’s Important

EMRs are medical records in electronic format. Maintaining accurate EMRs is important to ensure continuity of care across all your healthcare providers. It’s handy to have access to your own medical history, along with any plans for medication and treatment. Medical records are also important for legal reasons, such as filing claims for injuries at work.

EMR Cloud Storage | Medical Records Storage

What We Can Do for You

Tired of the hassle of getting your medical files from different providers? Now you can easily store them all in one place on your secure, HIPAA-compliant SAMI-Aid patient portal. With your entire medical history secure, portable, and accessible at your fingertips, you can be the ultimate gatekeeper of your own medical decisions.

EMR Cloud Storage | Medical Records Storage


You can approach each medical consultation with confidence, without worrying about explaining things constantly to each new doctor you see. Our patient portal maintains the highest standards of HIPAA compliance. You can easily send medical files from your SAMI-Aid portal to any healthcare provider you choose, for more convenient follow-up care.

EMR Cloud Storage | Medical Records Storage
Be more organized

Peter keeps detailed schedules and records for all his personal, academic, and business purposes. He’s frustrated that it’s not easy to do this with his medical records too.

Keep your medical records safe

Peter is comfortable storing important documents electronically but has been hearing about serious data breaches in many companies recently. He’d like to find a better place to store his electronic health records.

SAMI-Aid’s EMR Cloud Storage feature helps Peter become more self-reliant and approach his healthcare in a safe and organized manner.

EMR Cloud Storage | Medical Records Storage