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SAMI-Aid is one of the leading medical tourism companies offering medical concierge service & medical travel services in a foreign country.


Benefits of SAMI-Aid’s Medical Tourism Search:

Medical Tourism Consultants | Online Medical Tourism Concierge

More Savings & Options

If you need an expensive elective medical treatment, you’re likely to be able to save at least 30% to 80% by considering international destinations for care. Don’t limit yourself to the U.S. In certain medical specialties, the most world-renowned physicians are clustered in other regions or countries, such as plastic surgeons in Brazil. Medical tourism is important because it expands your horizons for treatment options.

Medical Tourism Consultants | Online Medical Tourism Concierge

Thorough Research

As your medical tourism concierge, SAMI-Aid has done the research on international medical facilities, and we don’t recommend them to you unless we have the utmost confidence in the safety and high quality of their care. We can help you find an attractive destination that also happens to be a great place for the treatment you need or want. Through SAMI-Aid, you can access care that’s hard to find or navigate elsewhere.

Medical Tourism Consultants | Online Medical Tourism Concierge

Follow-Up Care

International facilities which cater to medical tourists often provide packages that include treatment and a hotel or hospital stay for recovery. SAMI-Aid will help you coordinate domestic follow-up care for your international medical procedure. We recommend discussing your medical tourism plans with one of our local or telemedicine physicians before traveling abroad for care.

Medical Tourism Consultants | Online Medical Tourism Concierge
Make your elective procedure an adventure

Since Peter is young and likes to travel, he’ll appreciate the ability to broaden his horizons and look internationally for care.

Access treatments not available in the US

If Peter ends up needing an experimental treatment for a chronic illness, he can consider offshore facilities to expand his options for treatment.

The SAMI-Aid Medical Tourism tool and phone-based concierge service will assist Peter from start to finish in navigating these uncharted waters.

Medical Tourism Consultants | Online Medical Tourism Concierge

Trust Our Expert Medical Tourism Services

Although you can realize significant savings by choosing to have an elective medical procedure performed abroad, trying to make such arrangements on your own can be risky. This is why using the live medical tourism services from SAMI-Aid makes sense. When you call us or use our medical tourism app, you’ll be connected to experts who can answer your questions right on the spot, no matter where you are. This means you can receive online medical tourism advice to help you make sense of your options and choose the right one for you and your needs from a world of possibilities. Even if you’re bound for an unfamiliar locale, our medical tourism network will ensure that you won’t have to navigate your treatment alone. Create your account today and register for our services so your next overseas trip will be both happier and healthier.


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