Mental Health & Addiction Triage


Benefits of SAMI-Aid’s Mental Health & Addiction Triage:

Mental Health & Addiction Triage | Behavioral Health

Why It’s Important

Health education programs and materials can help our members maximize their overall health and quality of life. Real health solutions require addressing root causes, not just treating symptoms. The goal of SAMI-Aid’s Mental Health Triage program is to help you attain and maintain wellness through education, motivation, and support. Live your best life!

Mental Health & Addiction Triage | Behavioral Health

What We Can Do for You

Our nurses are available 24/7 to serve as your teacher, coach, and partner, guiding you to change your behavior to overcome any addiction or mental health issue.. Utilizing motivational interviewing techniques, the healthcare professional will help you identify high-risk behaviors and setting realistic goals and interventions to change these behaviors.

Mental Health & Addiction Triage | Behavioral Health


The action plan created by your SAMI-Aid behavioral health counselor is reviewed at each future encounter and revised as needed. Plans may address a variety of health-related subjects such as condition-specific knowledge and management, medication adherence, nutrition and weight management, physical activity and exercise, smoking cessation, substance use and stress management.

Easy access to therapy for anxiety

While Peter is generally a fairly happy person, he is living through a stressful stage of life, in which career and personal issues often leave him feeling anxious. He appreciates the easy access SAMI-Aid provides to therapists and behavioral health counselors.

Privacy and economy

Privacy is one of Peter’s top priorities, and he prefers to speak anonymously with a therapist over the phone rather than seeing one face to face or in person. He also save time and gas money this way.

SAMI-Aid’s Mental Health Triage not only connects Peter with therapists who will help him manage his stress, but also eliminates the stress of finding a therapist on his own.

Mental Health & Addiction Triage | Behavioral Health