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Receive expert care through bipolar disorder treatment online

Bipolar disorder—also called manic depression—is a mental health condition characterized by extreme mood swings including alternating periods of extreme emotional highs (manias), extreme emotional lows (depressions), and intermediate stable moods. Manic episodes often last at least a week while depressive episodes often last at least two weeks, but every case is unique and the manic-depressive cycles can be frequent or rare.

Manic symptoms of bipolar disorder may include an exaggerated sense of confidence, optimism, euphoria, racing thoughts, distractibility, unusual talkativeness, a reduced need for sleep, grandiose ideas, reckless or impulsive behavior, irritability or aggression, poor judgment, and even hallucinations and delusions. In extreme cases, episodes of mania can lead to a condition called psychosis, which is like a dream state of total disconnection from reality.

Depressive symptoms of bipolar disorder may include constant fatigue, inability to concentrate or make simple decisions, prolonged sadness, hopelessness, indifference, pessimism, significant changes in sleep patterns and appetite, social withdrawal, and loss of interest in normal activities. In extreme cases, episodes of hypomania or depression may result in thoughts of self-harm or suicidal thoughts. If you believe that you or a loved one are experiencing suicidal thoughts, seek emergency care or call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, a network of over 160 nonprofit crisis centers who provide immediate and free counseling and mental health referrals.

Medication is generally part of the treatment plan for patients who suffer from bipolar disorder. An online bipolar disorder psychiatrist may be able to prescribe medications such as anticonvulsants to help treat bipolar disorder. However, the root cause of bipolar disorder is a dysregulation of the mood-stabilizing hormones in the central nervous system. Anything which helps stabilize your mood—such as exercise, meditation, or support from others—may be a good supplemental treatment in conjunction with medication to help mitigate the effects of bipolar disorder.

Why Schedule an Online Psychiatry Visit for Bipolar Disorder?

Traditional in-person psychiatry visits are expensive, and in the time of COVID-19 they may be increasingly difficult to schedule and access. Telemedicine technology not only makes consultations with your primary care doctor easier than ever, but also puts psychiatrists and other specialists within easy reach for you both logistically and financially. Visiting your psychiatrist’s office is not always easy in a normal world; schedules are busy, and behavioral health issues can be embarrassing. Video calling a psychiatrist from home is easy, private, and affordable. With SAMI-Aid’s online bipolar disorder treatment, behavioral health challenges are easier to overcome. Teletherapy visits with certified online bipolar disorder counselors and telepsychiatry visits with board-certified online bipolar disorder doctors are affordable, and accessible options.

SAMI-Aid is a leading telehealth provider offering expert one-on-one health care services, including virtual bipolar disorder telehealth treatment. We make it easy to connect to a doctor from wherever you are to consult about your ailments, receive treatment remotely, and more. Our services are offered under a free basic membership with pay-per-visit nurse, doctor, and psychiatrist appointments. We also offer a monthly premium membership which includes two free appointments per month of any combination of psychiatry, therapy, and general medicine.

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