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SAMI-Aid's online dermatology consultation helps you care for your skin, get advice or ask any questions. Learn more about our telemedicine dermatology services.


Benefits of SAMI-Aid’s Teledermatology Services:

Telemedicine Dermatology | Speak To An Online Dermatologist

Easy Access

Your skin is your body’s first line of defense against disease as well as your early warning system for many ailments. Having a medical professional diagnose any dermatological symptoms can catch serious problems before they have a chance to spread. SAMI-Aid believes having quick and easy access to an online dermatologist can give you peace of mind and lead to healthier outcomes.

Telemedicine Dermatology | Speak To An Online Dermatologist

Quick Assessment

We give you the ability to speak to a dermatologist online within just a few minutes. Our professionals will be able to assess your skin’s health, identify any potential problems and recommend a course of action.

Telemedicine Dermatology | Speak To An Online Dermatologist

Education & Support

When you use our platform to ask a dermatologist online for an assessment, he or she will be available to review your action plan at each subsequent encounter. Our goal is to give you the education, motivation and support you need to stay healthy and happy with as much convenience and flexibility as possible.

Fit a visit into a busy schedule

As a student, Peter’s busy schedule means he doesn’t always have time to see a doctor. SAMI-Aid makes it possible to receive telehealth dermatology services between classes without leaving campus.

Get expert advice for healthier skin

Peter’s active lifestyle keeps him outdoors for long periods of time. Our experts can advise him on how to protect himself from UV radiation and wind damage.

SAMI-Aid’s dermatologists give Peter peace of mind and more free time to enjoy all of his favorite activities.

Telemedicine Dermatology | Speak To An Online Dermatologist

Choose SAMI-Aid for Dermatology Help

Taking care of your skin is one of the most important steps you can take for a healthier lifestyle. That’s why being able to speak with dermatologists online can be so beneficial. We make it possible to connect with a specialist quickly and without waiting to make an office visit. Just use our app or online portal to connect with a qualified professional from the comfort of your own home or wherever you happen to be. SAMI-Aid gives you the power to take control of your wellness when and how it works best for you. For more information or to get started, get in touch with us today or create your free account.


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