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A person has insomnia when he or she experiences more than one sleepless night or repeatedly has trouble falling asleep. It is a sleep disorder than can last days, weeks, months or longer. A few factors may cause insomnia, including stress, travel or a heavy work schedule, too much caffeine, poor established sleep habits or even overeating before bed. Mental health disorders and other medical conditions may also be linked to insomnia.

Difficulty falling asleep or sleeping no more than a few hours per night can be the most obvious symptoms of insomnia. It may manifest itself in other ways as well, such as not feeling rested in the morning, daytime tiredness and fatigue, irritability, depression, anxiety and increased accidents due to exhaustion. If your day-to-day functions are being compromised, it may be time to visit a doctor.

Lack of sleep can lead to long-term, serious effects. Insomnia is linked to a number of health issues, including memory loss, mood swings, weakened immunity, higher risk of chronic illnesses, trouble with concentration, weight gain and poor balance. Experts recommend that adults get seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep per night and avoid screen time before bed in order to calm the mind and focus on resting.

Treatment for sleep deprivation and insomnia can vary depending on the individual. While you might be able to cure insomnia by adjusting sleep habits, reducing anxiety or taking over-the-counter sleep aids, your doctor may recommend cognitive behavioral therapy or prescription medication. Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia can help address stressors that keep you from sleeping and retrain the body to embrace rest in order to promote daytime alertness. Prescription medications could also treat insomnia, though they should be taken with caution.

Why Schedule an Online Psychiatry Visit for Insomnia?

Sleep plays an essential role in physical, emotional and mental function. If you are overly tired from lack of restful sleep, it can cause problems at home and at work. Seek professional psychiatric help from SAMI-Aid to get control of your insomnia and take back your life today.

By partnering with SAMI-Aid, you won’t have to deal with the hassles of booking an in-person psychiatry appointment, and you can rest easy that personalized care is within reach. A busy schedule, complicated work hours, or inability to visit a psychiatrist in person could make insomnia telepsychiatry a great choice. With the recent societal changes, medical providers are switching their services to adapt to home care instead of in-office appointments. Why not take advantage of the convenience and receive expert psychiatric treatment from home?

Get the help you need and make an appointment to speak to a doctor from your smartphone or laptop. Our medical professionals are trained to administer insomnia treatment online. SAMI-Aid offers affordable pricing for virtual consultations and treatments. By scheduling a session with an online psychiatrist for insomnia, you can expect to receive specialized, compassionate care from a qualified expert.

To schedule an insomnia telemedicine or insomnia online therapy consultation or appointment, register for a free account today.


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