Pharmacy Guide


Benefits of SAMI-Aid’s Pharmacy Guide:

Why It’s Important

Since you cannot afford to go without your medications, you might feel obliged to pay whatever price your pharmacy dictates. Making an informed decision about where and when to fill your prescriptions has serious implications for your health and your finances. SAMI-Aid offers valuable advice and information to guide you.

What We Can Do for You

SAMI-Aid acts as your Samaritan advocate, helping you navigate the process of healing and treatment. You can compare pharmacies based on convenience, price, and trustworthiness. If you want the nearest trusted pharmacy, we’ve got you covered. If you want the lowest price for a specific drug, we have that for you too!


SAMI-Aid’s Pharmacy Guide will help you find and compare the best options for obtaining prescription refills. We also provide an organized place for keeping records of your medication plans and history, as well as access to advice on medications from trusted nurse practitioners.

The lowest possible prices on prescriptions

With SAMI-Aid’s Pharmacy Guide, Peter can easily find generic and brand-name drugs at the lowest prices, including at less-known online pharmacies.

Convenient online access

Peter can compare prices for his medications within seconds, and find information on refills, shipping costs, membership programs, etc.

SAMI-Aid’s Pharmacy Guide helps Peter save hundreds for education and living expenses that he might otherwise spend on his medications.


Connect to a Well-Priced Doctor from Anywhere

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