Remote Patient Monitoring


Benefits of SAMI-Aid’s Remote Patient Monitoring Services:

Remote Patient Monitoring Services | Connect Your Care Services

Why It’s Important

If you have a chronic medical condition but are not in critical condition, then you can likely stay at home most of the time, but it’s important to monitor your vital signs regularly or constantly. Remote monitoring technologies can improve your quality of life by freeing up more of your schedule for things besides medical appointments. We monitor vital signs and progress on care plans, following strict best practice protocols tailored for remote use.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services | Connect Your Care Services

What We Can Do for You

SAMI-Aid's Health Management System facilitates real-time remote monitoring of medical devices in homes or care facilities to assure prompt assessment and intervention of alerts. SAMI-Aid's remote patient monitoring allows your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, blood sugar levels, or other metrics to be measured easily using electronic devices which transmit the information to your care providers.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services | Connect Your Care Services


Our service solutions include identification and correction of transmission errors, device troubleshooting and replacement as needed. We also develop alert protocols, provide real-time reporting to patients, physicians, caregivers, and family members per client guidelines and appropriate permission. We will also keep our members updated on any recommended changes to care plans and remote monitoring systems.

Smooth recovery from injuries

Peter breaks his ankle, and his family is out of state. SAMI-Aid’s Remote Patient Monitoring saves him from expensive trips to the doctor while he recovers.

Return to work sooner

As soon as Peter feels well enough, he can return to work because he is being monitored remotely by his SAMI-Aid doctor.

SAMI-Aid’s Remote Patient Monitoring makes it possible for Peter to get the follow-up care he needs after an injury, especially since he doesn’t have a car.

Remote Patient Monitoring Services | Connect Your Care Services

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