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Receive expert skin rash treatment online

A rash is an outbreak of inflammation of the skin. Affected areas may appear red or swollen and may feel itchy, painful, bumpy, or scaly. In some cases, rashes can result in blisters, welts, or patches of raw skin. Skin rashes can be temporary or chronic and can stem from many different causes including an allergic reaction, direct contact with an irritating substance, excessive sun exposure, hot and humid weather, or an underlying disease.

Hives is a common skin rash characterized by itchy red or dark brown welts which appear suddenly as part of an allergic reaction to foods, medications, or other substances. Eczema is a chronic—often genetic—condition characterized by large patches of dry and itchy skin. Drug rash is caused by an allergic reaction to a drug. Heat rash blisters can develop when hot and humid weather or very tight clothing traps sweat within the pores of the skin. Other skin conditions involving rash-like symptoms include psoriasis, rosacea, shingles, and swimmer’s itch.

Skin rashes and their related conditions often have distinct visible symptoms which make them relatively easy to diagnose. Dermatologists can diagnose many skin conditions and rashes on sight simply by looking at the affected areas. This makes skin rashes one of the ailments that is most suited to telemedicine. If you have a skin rash, your primary care doctor or dermatologist might only need to see you through a video call or look at a photo of your rash to provide you with fast and reliable diagnosis and treatment.

Most skin rashes are not life-threatening, and some can be treated at home and will disappear within days or weeks. Home remedies include cold compression therapy, over-the-counter antihistamines, steroid creams such as cortisone, calamine lotion, and fragrance-free hypoallergenic moisturizers. Rashes generally need to be aired out and not tightly bandaged. Many rashes do require professional diagnosis by a board-certified dermatologist who may prescribe antibiotics or corticosteroids if necessary. If you need to see an online doctor for rash treatment, SAMI-Aid’s board-certified online dermatologists are available anytime, anywhere. If you have a rash with a fever, seek emergency care immediately.

Why Schedule an Online Doctor Visit for Skin Rash?

Traditional in-person doctor visits are expensive, and in the time of COVID-19 they may be increasingly difficult to schedule and access, especially if you are uninsured. Telemedicine technology not only makes consultations with your primary care doctor easier than ever, but also puts specialists such as board-certified dermatologists within easy reach. Video calling an online dermatologist is convenient, reliable, and affordable. With SAMI-Aid’s telehealth doctor visits for skin rash, you can get affordable, effective online dermatology care from the comfort of your home.

SAMI-Aid is a leading telehealth provider offering expert one-on-one health care services, including online skin rash treatment. We make it easy to connect to a doctor from wherever you are to consult about your ailments, receive treatment remotely, refill prescriptions, and more.

Our services are offered under a free basic membership with pay-per-visit nurse, doctor, and psychiatrist appointments. We also offer a monthly premium membership which includes two free appointments per month of any combination of general medicine, therapy, and psychiatry.

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