Over-The-Phone Doctor

Have an over-the-phone doctor consultation online using SAMI-Aid’s Speak to Our Doctor feature. Get fast, direct, convenient access now.


Benefits of SAMI-Aid’s Speak to Our Doctor:


Convenient & Affordable

Visiting a doctor or urgent care for every medical question can be both time-consuming and expensive. For many common or simple medical issues, telemedicine treatment is a convenient and affordable option. At SAMI-Aid, we want you to be aware of all your options for care and advice, whether your priority is convenience, quality, or price. We offer affordable virtual visits with doctors, nurses, therapists, and psychiatrists.


Easy Access Anytime

Through SAMI-Aid, you can phone a doctor within minutes, anytime. Our nurses can offer medical advice, and doctors can provide treatment and prescriptions via phone or video consultations. For non-psychiatric urgent care visits, you can typically see a doctor within 15 minutes. We also have dermatologists, therapists, and psychiatrists, all for a convenient low price.


Encrypted & Secure

Any medical providers you see through SAMI-Aid will take notes documenting your visits, prescriptions, etc. Should you need to see a different provider through SAMI-Aid later, the new provider will have access to the notes in your account. Our doctors can also provide work and school excuse notes upon request. Any doctor’s notes in your SAMI-Aid portal are encrypted and secured, visible only to you and the doctors, not the SAMI-Aid admins.

Squeeze a medical consultation into your busy schedule

Through SAMI-Aid, Peter can speak with a doctor or nurse quickly and easily from his home or even while on campus between classes.

Save money on urgent care

Peter plays intramural basketball and has sprained his ankle before. He rushed to urgent care to see a doctor quickly, but the visit ended up costing over $500. If he gets injured again, he wants to consult with a SAMI-Aid doctor for $59.99 first to find out what care he really needs.

Peter can access care quickly while staying within his budget using SAMI-Aid’s Speak to Our Doctor feature. With this telemedicine service, he’s in control of his health elections and his health care wallet.

Fast, Direct, Convenient Access to Medical Expertise

When you need fast, convenient access to urgent care or mental health care, a phone call or online visit might be the fastest, most affordable way to resolve your issue. Simply call and talk to a medical professional through SAMI-Aid, wherever you are, and skip the waiting room. You’ll likely save time and money compared to traditional models of care. To learn more about all the benefits our services can provide to you and your family, get in touch with us today or register your account. We offer free basic membership and premium features.


Connect to a Well-Priced Doctor from Anywhere

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