Speak to Our Doctor


Benefits of SAMI-Aid’s Speak to Our Doctor:

Why It’s Important

Visiting a doctor for every medical question can be both time-consuming and expensive. For the most common or simple medical issues, nurses are more than qualified to answer your questions, and charge far less money than doctors. At SAMI-Aid, we want you to be aware of all your options for care and advice, whether your priority is convenience, quality, or price.

What We Can Do for You

Our specially trained and licensed registered nurses evaluate patient symptoms, offer medical advice based on the gold-standard Schmitt/Thompson protocols, and document encounters in secure systems to manage protected health information. Through SAMI-Aid, you can access a nurse within minutes, anytime.


Our nurses will create electronic records documenting your virtual visits. These records can be uploaded to your SAMI-Aid medical file. You will be able to access these anytime, and if you make subsequent calls to nurses through SAMI-Aid, they will be able to quickly refer to their prior notes. The information in your SAMI-Aid file is encrypted and secured.

Squeeze a medical consultation into your busy schedule

Through SAMI-Aid, Peter can speak with a nurse quickly and easily from his home or even while on campus.

Save money on urgent care

Peter plays intramural basketball and has sprained his ankle before. He rushed to urgent care to see a doctor quickly, but the visit ended up costing over $500. If he gets injured again, he wants to consult with a nurse over the phone first to get advice on what follow-up care he really needs.

Peter can access care quickly while staying within his budget using SAMI-Aid’s Speak to Our Doctor feature. With this telemedicine service, he’s in control of his health elections and his health care wallet.