Wellness Assessment


Benefits of SAMI-Aid’s Wellness Assessment Service:

Wellness Assessment Service | Affordable Diract Urgent Care

Why It’s Important

Wellness check-ups are important because early diagnosis of diseases and illnesses allows for any problems to be treated early on. Early diagnosis and treatment helps maximize chances of success while minimizing future healthcare costs. Regular assessments also provide opportunities for medical professionals to give you advice on practicing a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Assessment Service | Affordable Diract Urgent Care

What We Can Do for You

Our specially trained and licensed registered nurses perform wellness checkups and health assessments, offer advice based on the gold-standard Schmitt/Thompson protocols, and document encounters in secure systems to manage protected health information. Through SAMI-Aid, you can get a wellness check-up anytime, anywhere, at a marginal cost.

Wellness Assessment Service | Affordable Diract Urgent Care


Our nurses will upload electronic documentation of your virtual wellness check-ups, and results of your detailed health assessments, to your SAMI-Aid medical file. You will be able to access this secure, HIPAA-compliant file anytime. If you need to schedule any follow-up care, either remotely or in-person with local physicians, SAMI-Aid makes the process easy for you.

Catch minor health problems while they’re small

SAMI-Aid’s checkup reminds Peter to stay on top of his health and points out any issues he may have.

Develop a strategy for affordable care

SAMI-Aid nurses help Peter find the most affordable way to treat or prevent any diseases without help from his parents.

SAMI-Aid Wellness Assessments help Peter stay on top of life by staying on top of his health so he can focus on his other priorities.

Wellness Assessment Service | Affordable Diract Urgent Care

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